Rerelease Ekkehard

One of Jonas Kaufmann's first recordings, the opera "Ekkehard by Johann Joseph Abert (SWR / Capriccio 1998) was just rereleased. 

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"In this great historic opera that seems a bit like a score by Ambroise Thomas, he [Jonas Kaufmann] manages to  make his character feel a bit like Lohengrin, with a tenor voice then much less somber than today. However, the romantic hero is there, juvenile and virile, but with that bit of dreamy fragility that makes him irresistible." - Laurent Bury, Forumopera

Cancellation: Mein Wien in Nuremberg

Unfortunately, I will have to cancel the concert at the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg on Saturday, January 18th 2020 due to illness. I am truly sorry! Tickets can be returned at the box office where they where bought. Please visit for further information.